Lake Winola United Methodist Church


Lake Winola United Methodist Church has been serving the community and region for many generations. We are not perfect, but in accepting Christ’s love and forgiveness, we seek to live out that grace by loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength —and to love our neighbors.

And when we say that all are welcome, we really mean that!


 Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help   connect people to faith  


We are United Methodists

Before becoming an established denomination, Methodism began as a renewal movement. Our movement’s founder, John Wesley, believed God’s love is found with every person and that our response to God’s love is both personal and social.

To this day, United Methodists are encouraged to follow John Wesley’s three general rules for living a Christian life:

Do no harm
Do good
Stay in love with God
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“The love of Christ is on full display at Lake Winola United Methodist Church. Through our spirited worship and joyful singing, woven into our connections through youth and mission’s group, we strive to bring the kingdom of God and the love of  God, Jesus and the movement of the Holy Spirit to all we encounter. We hope you will discover it for yourself.”

– Pastor Robin Fillmore