Learn with Us

Lake Winola UMC offers Sunday School classes for all ages: young and older children, as well as for adults.

Our Sunday adult and older youth classes are watching and discussing the video series – The Chosen. This is a perfect opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with fellow seekers, while your children and youth engage in stories, crafts and treats in their class.


We also offer Bible Studies to explore not only the books of the Old and New Testament, but also classic and contemporary books about faith, justice and our search for wholeness.

Join us on Monday evenings at 6:30 as we learn about Mary Magdalene – Mary the Tower. There has been fascinating new discoveries in original manuscripts about this controversial woman throughout history. After we explore this new research from Dr. Elizabeth Schrader Polczer, we will learn about the Gospel of Mary. This study will be offered both in person at the church and online.

Click here to join us online on Monday evenings. 

Or join us at the church on Wednesday afternoons at 1  as we study the books of Wisdom in the Old Testament – Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. 

For information, please call the church office at 570-378-2806.






“The love of Christ is on full display at Lake Winola United Methodist Church. Through our spirited worship and joyful singing, woven into our connections through youth and mission’s group, we strive to bring the kingdom of God and the love of  God, Jesus and the movement of the Holy Spirit to all we encounter. We hope you will discover it for yourself.”

– Pastor Robin Fillmore